Helping to Build the Mutual Understanding.


The following citations are selections from a growing list of acknowledgments for the work of the Hospitality Committee by distinguished leaders and delegates alike.

Selected Citations:

"Through their tireless efforts, they are helping to build the mutual understanding on which successful diplomacy at the United Nations must rest. They offer a helping hand in a way that most counts -- human being to human being. No one can calculate the impact of this committee's work upon the individual diplomats and their families. The broadened attitudes and changed perceptions do not lend themselves to ready measurement. But all of us here have seen the results time and time again and know they are profound."

H.E. John Scaliformer U.S. Ambassador to the UN

"May I avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate you on your Hospitality Committee. (We have no connection with the Mayor's Office, but are completely independent.) Never did New York City need to extend its hand of welcome to the United Nations Delegates more than now, when the usefulness of our world organization has been somewhat misinterpreted, and we are, therefore, beholden to our American host for making us feel we are welcome here, and the Hospitality Committee has done magnificently."

H.E. Carols Romuloto Mayor Ed Koch

"It is with a feeling of sadness that we leave after such a long span of year, not least because we have, from the very first day, felt a spirit of hospitality, interest and concern toward me and other members of the Danish Mission--I believe the organization of which you are in charge is unique in the world."

Delegate's spousefrom Denmark

"You will not believe it but the longer I am away from you the more I realize the efficiency and the importance of your activity. Many people completely strange to you get to admire your organization of magnificent ladies and the approach to newcomers from all countries of the world who would get lost in the big, wonderful city. Whether they like it or not, I tell everybody about my overwhelming experience with you."

Delegate's spousefrom Germany

"You can't begin to imagine how much I miss meeting with you all and taking part in your activities."

Jennifer HunteWife of former St. Lucian Ambassador to the UN