Opportunities to Meet on a Regular Basis


Book Club Meeting
March 18, 2021 | 11:00 am
The Dutch House with Author Ann Patchett

Quilting Meeting
March 10, 2021 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Call the Hospitality Committee office for location.

The HCUND Quilting Club of is a group of women, members of the UN delegations throughout the world who gather to make piecework creations together. We meet on a monthly basis and have created four group quilts. We also make quilted articles, bags, placemats, pin cushions, table runners, etc. for sale at the annual International Bazaar held in the Spring. The proceeds from this bazaar go to international charity organizations.

International T-Shirt Quilt, 2011

This year, our project was to assemble a t-shirt quilt representing all the nations of our group. Thus, as you see, t-shirts from Algeria, USA, Malta, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Myanmar, Madagascar, Jordan, Syria and Indonesia have been assembled and arranged with much care taken regarding balance of color and design. The choice of a gray and red background brings all these elements together. Throughout the year at our monthly meetings, we have learned the precision of cutting, piecing, sandwiching, applying the binding and finally quilting by hand and by machine. It has been a most fun and productive adventure.

This quilt was raffled off and the proceeds from this quilt went to our support our English classes.

We hope to display the quilt somewhere in the UN for a short period of time and thought that you could find space for this 57"x 82" piece of artwork on the walls of your office. Afterwards, we plan to raffle it off and send the proceeds to a charitable organization.

International Foundation Quilt, 2010

This quilt was the result of a project of the Quilting Club of The Hospitality Committee of UN Delegations. We participated in a class to learn foundation machine quilting. Members of the group represented more than 10 different nations and each one contributed up to five squares. After they were assembled, we quilted each square and the border, then sewed on the binding. During this process, which lasted over 6 months, we made many friends and enjoyed the whole process of learning and creating as a group.

As a gesture towards world peace, we raffled this quilt to raise money for Central Asian Institute, an organization founded by Greg Mortenson of Three Cups of Tea fame. Mr. Mortenson is responsible for the construction of over 130 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He believes that the education of girls is a long term fix for gaining peace and progress in the world.

Peace Quilt 2008

Was a joint effort of the Hospitality Committee for UN Delegations and the Women for Peace Event that took place on March 11th, 2008 in the General Assembly Hall. From the first planning meeting in February, it took only one month to complete this project. The quilt was ready to hang behind the podium on the evening of the event.

First we decided to use the logo for the event created by

Grazina Sen, wife of Ambassador Nirupam Sen,
Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations

We enlarged the design and projected it on the material, then embroidered the outline. More experienced members of the group planned the outer squares and made templates so that even the most beginning quilter could participate. We then set to work and everyone completed one, two and even three squares in time for Stina Ahlstrom-Lundberg to assemble the quilt with her speedy sewing machine.

The quilt was made by: