Teaches English as a Second Language to U.N. Delegates and Their Families.

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The Hospitality Committee has provided English Language Classes for UN delegates and their families for over 25 years. These classes are well regarded and very well attended. Instruction is offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. A separate class focusing on Advanced English Conversation, Writing and Film Discussions is available for more advanced students. The classes are small and individual attention is stressed. A modest tuition fee is charged and scholarships are readily available each year for those individuals in need of assistance.

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the semester for English Language Classes, so students can join as they arrive in New York, and at the beginning of the semester for Advanced English.

Please call us if you are interested in improving your English in a very enjoyable way. For information on the English Language Classes, call our School Director, Pennelope Goodfriend, (212) 534-4325 or email her at pennygfriend@aol.com. For information on Advanced English classes, contact Dr. Roberta Seret at rseret@aol.com.

English Language Program
Church Center • 777 United Nations Plaza
First Avenue at 44th Street • Basement
phone: (212) 963-8753
Advanced English
Conversation, Writing,
and Film Discussions!

Church Center • 777 United Nations Plaza
First Avenue at 44th Street • Library
phone: (212) 963-8753
Content This course is designed for those who wish to develop or enhance their understanding of English language fundamentals, including:

• Grammar
• Conversation
• Reading
• Pronunciation

Content Advanced English Conversation, Writing, and Film Discussion is designed to teach advanced conversation and writing. We will also use foreign cinema as an element and vehicle of language and global education.
Description Penny tailors each semester to reflect the students' interests and needs. The rigors of grammar are put in a current and cultural context. The course is ever-evolving and fresh. We have an ongoing enrollment policy so students can enroll during the semester with a pro-rated fee. The course is specifically designed to meet the needs unique to the United Nations community. Often field trips and get-togethers are organized with the goal of creating occasions for communication in English. Penny is a docent for the Municipal Art Society and has been able to do special tours for students at Grand Central Station and the New Museum in Soho. Description The course is in two parts:

Part One:
  • Advanced conversation and writing: how to read a newspaper editorial and an objective news article; how to speak publicly; how to debate; how to write business correspondence; grammar; pronunciation; vocabulary build-up.
Part Two:
  • How to analyze cinema as an example of how to understand literature; how to write an article and essay; global issues that are topical - to discuss, analyze and debate one's opinion.

  • Film content, suggested activities, and background information will be provided from Roberta Seret's textbook, World Affairs in Foreign Films (McFarland Publishers, 2011), with multi-disciplinary lessons.

  • Students will see assigned films at home and come into class to discuss them. We will discuss the following films:

    • One: The Lady (Myanmar/Burma)
    • Two: The Prophet (USA)
    • Three: Casablance (USA/Morocco)
    • Four: A Man Called Ove (Sweden)
    • Five: Eagle Huntress (Khazakstan/Mongolia)
    • Six: Lion (USA/India)
    • Seven: La La Land (USA)
    • and others

Levels • Beginning
• Intermediate
• Advanced
Levels • Advanced

Fall Schedule 23 January - 24 May, 2017

Morning classes only
9:00 am - 10:30 am Monday - Thursday (Advanced Beginner)
10:30 am - 12:00 pm Monday & Wednesday (Advanced)
Fall Schedule 24 January - 16 May, 2017

Tuesdays only
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Instructor Pennelope Goodfriend, Director Instructor Professor Roberta Seret, Ph.D.
Director, International Film Festival at the U.N.
Associate Professor of English
Author of "World Affairs in Foreign Films" & "Welcome to New York"
Registration 18 January, 2017
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Church Center
777 United Nations Plaza - 8th Floor
(First Avenue at 44th Street)

If you need help with Registration issues, you may contact:

Pennelope Goodfriend:
tel: (212) 534-4325
email: pennygfriend@aol.com<

Registration Tuesday, 24 January, 2017
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Church Center
777 United Nations Plaza
(First Avenue at 44th Street)

Please contact Dr. Seret directly via e-mail at rseret@aol.com before registration to reserve your space.
Tuition $175 for advanced class (2x/week)
$275 for advanced beginner (4x/week)

Tuition is pro-rated for students joining the class later in the year
Tuition $150 per term (scholarships available)
◊ Certificates are given upon completion of classes ◊ ◊ Certificates are given upon completion of classes ◊